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Ionwerks was founded in 1986 by Dr. J. Albert Schultz as a provider of surface analysis systems and equipment. Our engineers and research scientists have designed, delivered and integrated complete spectrometer systems at NIH, Argonne National Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, Texas A&M University, Battelle, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina-Chappell Hill, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, IBM-Yorktown, the Naval Research Laboratory, Oxxel Inc (Bremen, Germany) and JEOL (Tokyo). Our reflectron for sims, drs and our variant of drs, Mass Spectroscopy of Recoiled Ions msri, won a prestigious 1997 R&D 100 © award see msri tutorial. Our current combination of multichannel time-to-digital converters with segmented ion detectors provides exactly the data system necessary for new high performance spectrometers.


Ionwerks manufactures a complete line of instrumentation and equipment for use in Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry. Our products include a complete alkali ion beam line based on surface ionization sources, a compact ortho-tof Mass Spectroscopy System for Bio-Mass Analysis, a complete msri detector system for isotopic detection of of ions with resolutions between 400-600 amu, and an 8-channel time-to-digital converter which makes it possible to use drs and msri to monitor surface structure and composition during thin film growth. Our instruments provide the in-situ structural and elemental analysis necessary for many applications, from the fast emerging field of time-of-flight mass spectrometry for biomolecular analysis to the growth of superior wide-bandgap materials.

A complete list of our products can be found under product information. Our team of scientists and engineers is available to customize products to your application.

Research & Development

At Ionwerks, we are continuously working to refine our instruments and processes through a series of research grants and professional collaborations. Ionwerks is an active participant in the government-funded Small Business Innovation Research sbir program. Since our founding in 1986 we have completed twenty-six Phase I sbir projects. We have received funding from dod, doe, nasa, nih and the nsf.

We currently have a cooperative research and development agreement crada with Argonne National Laboratory to study msri process control applications. In addition, our Houston location allows for collaboration with groups at both Rice University and the University of Houston. Our industrial membership in the Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center svec at the University of Houston gives us access to state-of-the-art equipment and processes for film growth, as well as instrumentation for surface analysis and characterization.

We have published the results of many of our research projects in refereed journals. A reference list is available under published research papers.


Our customers range from government agencies and university researchers to commercial users.

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